The Murama Healing Space, is a place to share and celebrate Aboriginal understandings of the area with the public. Related arts and cultural programs, festivals and events will raise community awareness of heritage values through thematic and activity-based linkages to our natural heritage areas (protected remnant forest, waterbird refuge, estuarine wetlands and Parramatta River) along with the built heritage assets and cultural occupation stories of Newington Armory. The vision is co-created with the Indigenous community of Greater Western Sydney and aims to achieve:


  • A premium cultural, heritage and arts tourism offer in Western Sydney;
  • An inclusive space for cultural knowledge sharing, the arts and artistic expression;
  • Ιmmersive culture, heritage and arts education for students of all ages;
  • Employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people;
  • Capacity building programs and learning pathways for Indigenous youth;
  • Α Healing and Wellbeing Space through culture, heritage and ‘on country’ connection;
  • A safe inter-generational teaching and learning space that empowers eldership and youth mentorship, community kinship and belonging;