Foundations for Wellness

GOTO Healing – Healing in our community with Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation.

What we’re doing here today is the gathering of traditional owners that is in partnership with the GONA, the Gathering of Native Americans. That was conceptualised and developed in Turtle Island.

The GOTO follows four main themes.

Belonging – How do we create a sense of safety together

Mastery – How do we talk about the heart issues our families and our communities face and build off the resilient factors.

Interdependence – How do we start weaving our stories of resilience and strength together to create a positive healthy vision for our families and communities

Generosity – How do we take care of ourselves in order to be positive change agents within our community.

When we’re talking about wellness and healing in our community we’re talking about the historical trauma and part of the historical trauma is alcoholism, substance abuse, suicide, bullying and all forms of violence that are impacting our communities. What the GOTO does is it helps us take a step back and look at the concept of what happened, not what’s wrong with our community but what happened here to cause this dysfunction and twisting of traditional norms within our community.

So the GOTO helps us look at the protective factors. How do we increase the protective factors within communities to tackle these issues. The GOTO also helps us look at the resilient factors and build off the strengths of the community. For a long time, a lot of programs look at the deficit approaches of things and that’s not really sustainable, that’s not really long term change. The GOTO and what Baabayn is doing here is looking at how can we build off the resilient factors within the community, what is working and how can we enhance that to amplify that going forward.

This is a grassroots effort. This process was developed conceptualised and intended for grassroots community members doing this work.

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GOTO Healing

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